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Press Release: “The 4th International Experimental Theater Festival, Hanoi - 2019”

30/09/2019 12:19:03 SA

With the approval of the Government (Official Document No. 641/ VPCP-KGVX dated January 25, 2014 by the Vice Head of the Government Office - Nguyen Khac Dinh) with the content: “Approval for the Vietnam Stage Artists Association to organize Regular International Experimental Theatre Festival” in Vietnam every three years.

 Download: Press Release: “The 4th  International Experimental Theater Festival, Hanoi - 2019”

Implementing the Resolution of the Vietnam Stage Artists Association on the operations in 2019.

In 2019, Vietnam Stage Artists Association co-chairs with Department of Performing Arts and Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports to organize the "4th International Experimental Stage Festival, Hanoi - 2019" in Hanoi from 4 to 13 October 2019.

"Experimental stage" is a term to refer to the pioneering of artistic movements aimed at stage renewal. Experimental stage was created with the purpose of renewing the form, exploring the cultural perception in general and theater arts in particular. The experimental stage wishes to express the difference of languages, physical performance arts and structures to create a new concept of awareness to enrich theater art language, contributing to meeting audiences’ expectations in the trend of integration and development in the era of technology 4.0.

“The 4th International Experimental Festival, Hanoi – 2019”, has been announced by the Association since November 2018 and has received enthusiastic responses from internal and international art units with 53 plays by international art troupes and 24 plays from 19 internal art units. The "Appraisal Council" (consisting of 11 members) reviewed all the DVDs of the play (or via the link) and commented on the individual feedback cards.

At the plenary session meeting, the Appraisal Council synthesized opinions from 53 international plays and selected 14 plays. The Organizing Committee sent invitations to the international art troupes and received confirmation of participation of the 07 delegations (the other delegations were unable to participate in the festival due to their fund limitation), including:


Name of the play





50 minutes

Maladype Theatre, Budapest, Hungary



60 minutes

"Ayit" Ensemble, Israel


Macbeth Mirror

70 minutes

Kalyani Kalamandalam, India


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

70 minutes

ChungMac Theatre Group, Republic of Korea


Tale of an ancient painting

80 minutes

Shanghai Huaiju Opera Troupe, China


The haunted temple

70 minutes

Tang Renaissance, Singapore


Bloody files

100 minutes

Thessaly Theatre, Greek


For internal units, the Appraisal Council synthesized opinions from 24 domestic plays and selected 14 plays including:


Name of the play




Total Eclipse

70 minutes

Experimental Theatre, Youth World Theatre – Sen Viet Theatre


Dragon Dream

60 minutes

Thang Long Puppet Theatre


Hanoi of Dreams

70 minutes

Vietnam Circus Federation


The Fate of Kieu 

60 minutes

Vietnam Water Puppetry Theatre


Twenty – 20

40 minutes


Stage and Development Center


The Passion  

90 minutes

Dongnai Arts Theatre


Cliffs or Life

73 minutes

Vietnam Drama Theatre


Uncle Vanya

120 minutes

Youth Theatre of Vietnam


Forever White Clouds

115 minutes

Voice of Vietnam Theatre



100 - 120 minutes

The Army Drama Theatre


The Legend of Go Rong Ap

110 minutes

Le Ngoc Theatre


The Bald Soprano

90 minutes

Luc team


Under the sand is water

100 minutes

Youth World Theatre


Kieu poem - a lifetime lullaby


120 minutes

Cheo Army Theater


The opening ceremony will be held at 20h on October 4, 2019 at the Hanoi Opera House, the play "Total Eclipse" of the Experimental Theatre, Youth World Theatre – Sen Viet Theatre, HCMC will be performed after the opening ceremony.

From the morning of October 5th, 2019, the shows will be performed in different theaters in Hanoi according to the attached Schedule. The festival will be closed on October 13, 2019.

With the efforts, identifying and exploring the new theater approaches, containing high breakthrough characteristics, creativity and experimentation in the process of artistic creation, the experimental theatre items participating in this festival are diversified in topics and art performing styles. The stage experimentation will create the attraction of “The 4th International Experimental Festival, Hanoi – 2019”.

It is certain that this will be an opportunity to exchange experiences between national and international art units and stage artists, in order to improve their professional skills and contribute to promoting the development of art and culture, for the sake of a theatrical art with renovation - cooperation and development.


 Organizing Committee

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